Small business benefits from Superfast Broadband

Man: My name is Mark Hunter and I am the Director of Creative Team Events, we are out slightly in the sticks where we are positioned in Spaldwick, we have a house, we have an external office, then we have the activities we run literally worldwide, the internet’s massively important for that.  At a personal level I’m a musician by trade and its great if you’ve got fast connection, you can see what your friends have been just recording and Ronnie Scott’s or the Buddakan, it’s amazing to get immediate oh that’s what they’re doing, I thought like many people, there would be people coming in and ripping stuff up and going through walls and I was stunned, I came home one day and it was all done, sure its £9.99 or £10 more but what’s that, its two cups of coffee.  If you think about the speed and fluidity of your media these days, I think it’s a small price to pay really.

Note Pricing is for information only the price for Swindon residents has yet to be confirmed.

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