Dairy farmer Robert Mallet struggled for 10 years to get a reliable broadband connection. And even when he did manage to get online, he needed a fair wind to do so.

But for the last few months his rural Northleaze Farm near Highworth, has been well and truly transported into the digital age.

Robert Mallet (left) with David Clay of CCE (right) at Northleaze Farm.

Robert Mallet (left) with David Clay of CCE (right) at Northleaze Farm.

“We used to have to rely on a mile and a half of copper cable and the best and we could get was about 3 Mbps download speeds, but if it was windy it would keep going off all the time,” explained Robert.


“I saw the superfast broadband people testing up my lane so I asked about the possibility of us getting a connection.


“The service is no more expensive, 10 times as fast and more reliable than what I used to have, so it is ideal for us.”

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A good broadband service is vital for rural business owners such as Robert, whose farm is located north of Highworth. He said: “Being a farm and rural business we need to do so much of our work online. Every birth and animal movement needs to be registered online and it is also essential for cattle feeding and crop nutrient recommendations and recording. Most of the government services that we have to use are only online now and we also use it for all of our banking and bill payments.


“The installation of the superfast service was really easy. We have a receiver on our TV aerial and there has been just one occasion when there was a problem with the connection and that was resolved quickly.”

Robert Mallet (left) with David Clay of CCE (right) at Northleaze Farm.

David Clay of CCE (left) and Robert Mallett (right) review the new outdoor unit providing superfast broadband to Northleaze Farm.

David Clay of CCE, one of the Superfast Swindon resellers who played a leading role in connecting Robert’s farm to the service, said: “There were certainly challenges in providing a stable and high-speed broadband service but working as a team with Robert, Swindon Borough Council and UKBN Ltd these were overcome.


“Our 4G LTE solution is ideal for remote locations such as Northleaze Farm where conventional technologies such as fixed line cabling simply cannot provide an acceptable service due to the extreme distances from the nearest exchange.”


Residents and businesses across the Borough can visit www.superfastswindon.com for details of service availability and reseller packages.